On The Table Exhibit

On The Table Exhibit * Polly Jones

November 3, 2015 - January 31, 2016

The Center for Contemporary Arts

220 Cypress, Abilene, Texas, 79601

(325) 677-8389

“On the Table” is a saying that means that things are up for discussion. I like that kind of open ended consideration. I want my paintings to emerge from a visual conversation that comes from paying attention to what I see and merging that with my feelings and experiences. Combining paint, high key color, drawing and collage elements help create a place of simultaneous visual experiences. These layers are a way to work out ideas about the paradoxes that I find to be a part each day. It’s an exploration into the possibility of transcendence in the midst of ordinary life.

I’m usually focusing on the stuff on the table in front of me. I hope that it will connect with others. The domestic sphere is a shared experience. Everyone has this everyday life in which they pick up their favorite coffee cup and eat that apple or pear or smell a flower. 

Many of the still life objects I paint are inherited pieces that have personal histories and meanings. I especially enjoy painting glass. Glass has it’s own metaphor of how we perceive. It sometimes creates a distortion and sometimes acts as a clarifying lens. Here we go with the paradoxes again!